9 September 2012

Now you see me, Now you dont

If the Orange motto is 'the futures bright the futures orange', and the motto for someone taking on the world would be colored green and blue, what colour would it be for someone taking on the web? I'm thinking blueish white, you know like in Tron Legacy.

As of now I am taking a course in Web Design online, thats over 900 hours of lessons across 23 modules in 12 months including modules in running an online business and internet marketing.
Again I found this course with a massive discount (92% to be exact) on the the same website I bought my DNA intolerances test.
This course will also be useful for my photography and bettering my self learnt experience online. I hope to gain a lot from this course but I wanted to let you all know that for a time my online presence might become almost non-existant as I work 114+ hours a month and will need to study approximately 50 hours a month  thats a whole week of my life every month eaten up hourswise. Damn that actually sounds like a lot doesnt it. Anyway I might just set one day a week aside to do the lessons.
I WILL still be writing when I can and I will still try to do my blogs but I think reviews may have to hold off until I am through with it.
A girl can only do so much, I really have to keep telling myself this.