23 June 2012

Knowing Your Body

Remember I mentioned about oooh 3 months ago I was taking a Food tolerances and intolerances test? well I got my kit and sent it back.
What should have taken 21 days to recieve results sadly took 46 days excluding weekends. I contacted them twice and on the second go was informed they had posted the results at 21 days and they were having computer trouble but would post results again asap, anywho 2 days later they arrived!

Yes this morning the envelope came through the door and what I read both amazed and confused me apparantly I have to avoid one specific tree, metal, certain fungus and such the list goes on, there are a few foods I have to remove from my diet and I also got a list of vitamins I need to try and increase. Luckily they provide you with a book giving every food you can find these vitamins and minerals in.
So I got to work this morning in typing up and alphabetising one single list of all the foods that contain the vitmains and minerals I need to increase, if any appeared multiple times obviously I'd only add it once. The list came out at 6 pages long.

Not only is this useful in knowing what you can and cannot have but also has the possibility in helping with weightloss, one can only hope. So now we have to put it in progress.
Lately our weather has been see-sawing between hot and extremely wet, I am sure many of you have seen the news reports about the rainfall in England the past few weeks, anyway I've gone back to salads, its more warm where I am on the coast and especially at work - the office is like a sauna!
Today we went shopping, I bought soya milk as apparantly I must avoid lactose which is the sugar in milk, basically my body cannot break up and digest the sugars, so I thought I'd try soya and I have to say its a weird colour, with a weird smell and its going to take some getting used to.

We all have to make a sacrifice and I am starting on mine. You cant do anything without the right information and now I have the right information I can start doing something. I know I only just got the results this morning but this was one of the best things I've done in a while and to have gotten it at discount was a bonus. Was it fate or something I stumbled upon the website that day to see the offer which had only 4 hours remaining in which for me to make a decision and purchase, who knows its done now, perhaps something in the universe was giving me a little nudge in the right direction...

Free Books 2

Ok so this time what I have for you is a GOOD book, no, a GREAT book, one that WILL have you fearing water sources and bathrooms. I reviewed this book some time ago and except for putting the fear of God in me when it came to having to head for the bathroom, it is one book I would recommend again and again and right now it is FREE! But only for a limited time (this Saturday and Sunday) so you'll have to act fast.

The book is called HOSTS and is written by Dylan J. Morgan
You can get a free copy this Saturday and Sunday by visiting either amazon.com or amazon.co.uk and the kindle store.

Believe me this is a book you wont want to miss out on.

Here's my review back from 2008 : http://www.rnhadleybookreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2008/11/hosts.html

19 June 2012

Mission Deli Wraps idea/tip

Ok so here's something I tried this evening and you know what it wasnt bad at all, and could be a good alternative to bread if you're on a diet.

We all know bread is filling and not good for you if you have too much because it turns to sugar especially if its white bread, well next time you have a soup or a cuppa soup how about this for an idea, switch out your bread for a Mission Deli Wrap! Just tear it up and dunk.

My own personal mix was an Ainsley Harriot Veg chowder cuppa soup and a Wholemeal deli wrap and i have to say it was so much better than having bread / bread and butter.

So next time you see you've got left over wraps and have no idea what to do with them besides the usual wrapping of salads and fruits, try this little idea for size.

18 June 2012

Blackberry 9360 email setup trouble

So you've gone and got yourself  a Blackberry, let me first extend my condolences, if there is one brand of phone I will avoid like the plague because of just how darned confusing they like to make things, it is this one.

For those of you having issues with adding your personal email account to the phone let me try to help, because of all the help my father recieved from both the place of purchase and Vodaphone which was of very little use, it was a 2-3 hour sit down at the computer by myself that actually got the thing working.

Lets get started!

During setup some of you will discover that the email setup is asking for your enterprise account details this is a business account email set up. You dont want this!

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up a log-in with your provider in our case Vodaphone on your computer/laptop.

Next you should inform them that you want the Blackberry Internet Service. Through Vodaphone this can be done on the website by going to Add-ons and simply clicking to add Blackberry Internet Service be warned however this will cost you £5.00 every 30 days!........
......... Unbelievable I know, isn't it enough you bought the phone and will be buying credit/paying a monthly bill!

If you havent already, set up your internet connection through the phone not forgetting to switch on the wireless connection.

When this is done you should do a hard reboot just so we know everything is set right, that means pull off the back and remove the battery without turning off the phone for about 30 seconds.

30 seconds later, put it all back together. And wait the 5 mins for it to reload. I suggest going to make a cuppa.

You should now notice (but it'll be very small) but at the top right hand corner you have a BB logo.

Go back into setup and email. You should now see a Blackberry log-in page.

You need to create a log in unless you have one, if so lucky you, if not its difficult it took me several attempts, your password will need to not have any numbers or letters that are the same AT ALL something like 'bracknell' just wont do you'd have to change it to 'bracknel1' or 'brackne1l'. see what I mean?

With a successuful set up you'll be prompted to enter your email details and given a few minutes a logo will appear on your home screen and shortly all your emails will load.

If none of the above worked I'd suggest checking your Host Routing which you can find by clicking options> device> advanced system settings> Host routing table
If there is nothing on the screen except a browser style box at the top then try clicking the BB menu button and registering. After this try the hard reboot and recheck, if the box is full of text you were successful if not you may want to contact Blackberry direct or whomever you purchased the phone from.

Purchaser, Vodaphone and even yes Blackberry themselves did not provide us with half this information. I hope if you've stumbled upon this blog that it has helped you in setting yours up.

16 June 2012

Free eBooks!

Who doesn't like a free book?
Well you'll be happy to know that Amazon has over 2,000 free ebooks available for download whether you've a kindle or not. You can get Kindle for pc you know, just as good, I've had mine a while and my library is growing.

Anyway my point is not just about this but also today I noticed there are a number of free books about writing. So if you're stuck, starting out, whatever stage you're at this is worth a gander.
There is also a book or two to do with Marketing by Smashwords.

Simply log in to amazon, download kindle / kindle for pc if you dont have it yet and search Free Books, with over 2,000 titles you're bound to find something.

Happy searching :)