14 July 2012

A Healthier Way of Thinking

Its strange but something in me has physically changed.
Having been raised on meals that practically filled my plate and the "you will clear your plate or have it cold for breakfast" threat from my parents, I am starting to wonder how much of the worlds obesity is down to parents over feeding their children as well as having a fear of wasting food...

Since having my tolerances and intolerances test results back and as well as it being spring (well supposedly but someone needs to let the Gods know) but spring being my switch for health and fitness etc since winter is usually humananities natural time to start piling up the plates with fattening foods to get us through the cold, I've realised something has really changed.

I've completely stopped eating anything with tomato, I have switched my dairy products to lactofree except for yogurts and icecream which i cant find any lactofree ones but I dont have those that often anyway, and my caffeine ... well I'm still eating chocolate and drinking hot chocolate and yesterday i bought my one and only bottle of cherry pepsi but i only have a small glass a day and once the bottle is empty that is it no more.
As for everything else the meals are healthier though relatively the same but smaller.
But thats not what has changed.

For some time I have stopped completely eating bread and potato but I eat wraps (wholemeal) I stopped the potato after discovering I seemed to have put weight on after the previous day eating a jacket potato, everything else I had that day was normal. So I stopped having them and for me this works helping me loose some weight, my body is actually now turning fat in muscle, slowly but surely the snail wins the race.
Here's the thing
Its my mind thats changed!
I cant look at a plate of roast anymore without thinking YUK! I ate that once for like almost 30 years and why because psychologically our parents are telling us food is our friend without actually educating us, and school well that barely taught us a thing about nutrition either.

Ok so over the years our knowledge has improved and increased but, and heres the but, for some people those born pre-naughties (2000) psychologically they cant change because they are stunted, they are literally stuck in a certain way of thinking because it is all they know.
The good thing is, is that this can be changed. If you are serious about losing weight then obviously the first and probably the most important thing you need to change is your way of thinking.

I'm not saying go out shopping one day and buy only healthy options.
What I am saying is look at what you eat and start learning about nutrients and vitamins, if need be have a tolerances and intolerances test, I was lucky enough to have one done cheap and got a vitamins/minerals book with my results so i know where I can find certain Vs/Ms.
Through education you really can change your way of thinking and in turn change your health for the better.
This isnt something a magic pill or crazy diet or even multiple pieces of equipment can do for you, its something you have to do for yourself. Dont be brainwashed, be who you want to be and get there how you want to, there is no easy option its all uphill but knowledge makes it a win win situation because you're making your mind healthier too and learning something in the process that will make your body healthier as well.

Good Luck

7 July 2012

As promised, its complete

Quite a few blogs back I mentioned author Diane Wright for whom I reviewed back in December 2009, I mentioned that I was helping Diane out and would be posting a link here soon. What I have done is this, created Diane a new email addresss not only that but a website, blog, Twitter account and LinkedIn account as well. I have started them all off for her with the info and such I have had available to me.

Diane has written two books The Alfar's Gift and a poetry book called Elan, she is currently working on a sequal to The Alfar's Gift.
You can find all of the links including her facebook link on the home page of her website, the blog is in the tabs at the top and all open in new windows.
If you wish to purchase her book from amazon click the 'books' tabs and click on the image, unfortunately however the book is quite expensive this is down to its publisher, one of which many of us know issues about, however I have this note from Diane herself "I have several copies on hand and if anyone wants a copy I can get it cheaper when they have a sale for the author which they do have periodically. I will be willing to do that until the year is up."
In one year when her contract is up Diane plans to rerelease The Alfar's Gift along with its sequal in the mean time if you are interested in a copy and donot wish to pay the price as seen on amazon then please contact her through the website or one of the social networks.

Please please please help this author out and make her feel welcome, she is a very kind and friendly person but a bit unsure of the whole internet craze and techno gumph. So lets make her feel at home shall we.

Here's the link to her website: http://www.dianewright.webs.com/

Thanks Everyone xxx