24 May 2012


And so the holiday ends, I'm not actually back to work until Monday but I am back reviewing those in my list and back blogging on Sunday and Tuesday. Didn't get any editing done this month but did get a new story idea I am absolutely loving which I am actually going to write by hand instead of type based in 19th century Paris.

The issue with Matt's case is resolved it actually arrived at the house before he did, which was lucky at least he had a change of clothes etc in this heat we have. It is so hot I have burnt.
Saw some great and inspiring movies - Avengers, Dark Shadows, The Hunger Games.
Bought Sherlock Holmes 2 and Underworld Awakening.
All VERY good movies and want to watch again.

Matt should be landing in Phili shortly. I miss him already, my heart aches and if I could I would make it May 15th again.

Why is it, in a world that is always breaking the rules and breaking down barriers, some things still have to be so confusing/difficult?

I know I could just make a wish but you know what my theory is... with the number of people in this world and the number of wishes made on a daily basis, whether people realise they are making them or not, the cosmic inbox is just so over filled not all wishes can be granted. And that is why I don't make wishes there's just too many of them for the universal post office to sort.
Think I'll stick to cosmic ordering instead besides it's more specific, so someone toss me a shooting star already on the clear night I place my order.

I am also working through my gratitude diary from The Magic (book written by the authhor of The Secret) hopefully that'll add some positivity to the different areas of my life and turn certain things around that need it. I'll let you know if it works : )

15 May 2012

Airport Anarchy

Its that time of year again... its May a time when birds sing the sky is finally blue and there is a warmth in the air... or at least thats what it has been like the last few years while this year it dull, grey and at present cold and wet, this morning at about 3am I was woken by the heavens opening up and releasing all of its rain and hail it could in one fell down pour.

And as if things couldnt be anymore worse off today, today marks the start of my holiday, supposedly a good day, I get to see my guy who I've not seen since October last year. But because of the government, the olympics and a certain airports nack for cocking up I am yet again reminded why I choose to go via Gatwick instead.

So why am I peeved well, my guy landed at 09:45 GMT and hell it doesn't take 2 hours to get through customs but apparantly this airport does.
Add to that someone else took his case thinking it was theirs and we have no idea where it currently is.
Plus the phone I gave him to use here ran out of credit already, huh, I know there was plenty on that darn thing.
And not to mention our wonderful coach service has just placed him on a coach to London in order to get one to Fareham...hello... what is wrong with saying there's a direct bus in an hour or so which will get you there sooner, all you gotta do is wait rather than send someone gallivanting back and forth.


And this is why I refuse to go by any other airport than the one I know and love. All hail Gatwick and their sense of doing things properly, well as close to properly as can be for an international airport in a country the size of ours where we have few international airports. I do love their new additions from last year though. You know what, all hail Charlotte, that place has really got the nack of things and ours could learn a few tips from them granted many of Gatwicks new tips were taken from airports in the USA if only this airport could learn a thing or two instead of cutting the amount of staff in customs and on hand rather than sending them away to deal with the queue jumpers who spend £1800.00 extra to jump the queue and sip champagne.

I am fuming.
Do you think I can go to sleep and start today over better where everything goes right instead of wrong?

14 May 2012

Techno-babble - Samsung Galaxy Europa

It is not often that you will find me mentioning technology like this but I just couldn't help myself.
Being someone who loves Google and has been using them for a number of years I was extatic when the Samsung Galaxy Europa with Google was released.

If any of you, like me, are Google fanatics, this is one phone you'll want to get your hands on.
As soon as you link your google account, all of your contacts and images become available on the phone, but be aware you will if you want, have to tweak the contacts list so that only contacts with phone numbers appear else you end up with a massive list that takes forever to get through.
And because my blogger images are available I can use these images as my backgrounds (currently supermoon)

So what does it have that makes it so special:

Touchscreen - easy to handle
Wifi - always handy
Camera and Gallery - for photographing those moments you may never see again
Music - to block out the outside world
Write and Go - for updating your status on the go for facebook, myspace and twitter.
Voice dialler and search 
News and Weather
Social Hub
Google Maps
Plus settings, clock, navigation, messages, games etc etc etc

For such a small phone and one that isn't expensive I for one love it, now having my emails available on the go like this should free me up some time, I was starting to hate checking my email because of having so many newsletters and emails that simply get dumped immediately. Now I can do that throughout the day and just waste my time reading the important ones later when I have time. Thus freeing up my reading and writing time by checking my emails instead of when i get home from work, but on my way to work, from work and during my break.

Whether I have convinced you or not, doesn't worry me that is not what this blog is about, but I really think this phone deserves a good look especially if you're someone who has a google account (ie: gmail, youtube, blogger etc).
Even if you don't have a google account you can create one through it or use your own email address.
I won't lie, having a google account does make the set up quicker because all of your email contacts are added simply by you signing in when setting up your account through the phone.

So if you want a touchscreen phone but can't afford one of those over priced do-hickeys, don't snub them completely just yet, with the Samsung Galaxy Europa costing around £50.00 ($80.00 USA) this also makes for a good try it to see if you like it phone. Not everyone can handle touchscreen, my dad certainly can't, hence me ending up with his which I am absolutely in love with.

Believe it or not I've only been using this phone for one whole day : ) 

10 May 2012

The Closest Chicago deep dish this side of the Atlantic

Its true!
I had a wonderful idea, followed the yellow brick road and walla, the memories came flooding back.
For those of you who dont know, I live in England and visit the States once a year, and at least once during my time we order a Chicago deep dish pizza. yum. From my own experience we have nothing nowhere near it WHAT-SO-EVER here in the UK, which is a shame I really feel we're missing out on a yummalicious experience (yes i created a new word) Anywho after this little combo all my memories came flooding back and of the things I miss in the ol' US of A.
So here behold my recipe.

Shortcrust pastry block (I used ready made, its quicker)
Chicken (yep I cheated again and used ready cooked, cut and frozen)
Red Pesto approx half a small jar
Grated Mature Cheddar
Half beef tomato sliced
Half mozzarella sliced (I used light as never had it before)
Red / yellow pepper if wanted

Roll out your pastry and line your tin/silicon quiche pan.
If you have baking beans, line the pastry in the pan with baking paper and fill with beans then bake for about 10 minutes. Be careful the pastry will shrink back from where you made your cuts!
Remove from oven. Remove beans and baking paper.
Spread half the total amount of pesto over the pastry.
Add the sliced beef tomato.
Add some sliced  mozzarella.
Add some pepper if you wanted them.
Sprinkle on some chicken.
Add the other half the pesto over as much as possible.
Then sprinkle on grated cheddar.
Cook until pastry is golden and cheese melted.

Serve with side salad and enjoy!

*Be aware pastry may need longer to cook underneath, probably best to add an extra 5-10 minutes in oven after removing beans but before adding ingredients just to make sure.

Although mine didnt come out deepdish the pizza itself was deep in fillings, it was yummy and gave a similar taste to the Chicago Deepdish