3 October 2014

October challenge for Lyn Thurman #3 The High Priestess

The card of intuition - reminds me of the Wizard of Oz and the voice behind the curtain.

In all honesty I am an extremely quiet person, sometimes to the point of shy. Some people think I may have nothing to say. An old neighbour of mine classed me as more of a listerner. The space inside my head on the other hand is something entirely different.
I don't think I actually know what a moments peace feels like unless I'm meditating or baking. Every moment of every day my mind is busy working on stories, thinking about stuff I need to do or have seen, places, people, conversations. Sometimes there is even conversations going on in my head - if I know someone well I can run conversation scenarios. Trust me this isn't as good as it sounds, you worry about a hell of a lot of things but you do learn to trust your intuition like whether you can trust people, how you feel, how people will react to things.

Sometimes we don't want to hear those thoughts and feelings that go through our head, we're not sure where they come from whether its us trying to make sense of things, whether its some higher power. Is it happening for a reason? Is it a warning?

Sometimes I wish my head would shut up but I don't know where I'd be in all the silence.

When it comes to writing I get a vague look about me, I can easily get lost in the conversations and thoughts etc sometimes a little too lost that actually I forget to open my mouth lol.

The last few months I've listened more and trusted more to my intuition, its guided me to positive people, to take courses to grow my learning, I've had no reason to question it this year at all until recently. So instead I followed my intuition down another path to ask someone for advice where I was told to explore, and have fun. So I'm going to trust the first intuitive feeling that this person has come along for a reason whatever that maybe.

And thats what I've learnt, to always trust that initial feeling or thought because its always ALWAYS right.

But funnily enough I always second guess and question when I should just accept and go with it.
This is going to take some work I think.

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