12 October 2014

October challenge for Lyn Thurman #5 The Emperor

Its difficult to write about the masculinity in your life when all thats present are 2 cats a dog and a bird in your immdiate life that is male...
I thought I'd found my balancing counter-part but apparently I was sorely mistaken, apparently whilst I was busy embracing his creativity and what not, he couldn't be asked to do the same in return for me not once.
Hopefully whoever does eventually become my balance in this world will understand the way balance works not try forcing me to be one or the other when it fits him.

With a lack of male in my life though, I have learnt to embrace that side of me more and that side of me can be a tough cookie at times and damned determined. Another thing i've learnt is when to say yes or no.
For so many years I have put everyone elses needs, feelings and wants ahead of my own and now thats no longer the case, of how doing things for myself and others makes me feel. That may sound kind of selfish but when you've always put others first, its kind of freeing.

The card stands for Master of ones own destiny, and thats very much been the case since i've learnt who and what to prioritise.

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