12 October 2014

October challenge for Lyn Thurman #4 The Empress

Its ever so easy to think what exactly am I greatful for? its not until you force yourself to sit down and write every little thing down that you realise there is actually quite a bit.
Everything from the earth on which we stand, the plants that through photosynthesis create the oxygen we breathe, the sun as well to the more immediate more obvious things like dad passing silently, even though he'd been in so much pain and probably still was we aren't left with a memory of his writhing in pain at the end. Theres so much to be thankful for that makes life worth living even if sometimes we wish it away, or events cause us to wish it away.
I'm thankful ever so deeply to the Goddess and all those higher powers for cupping their hands and catching me as I fell through the abyss. Had I hit the bottom I don't think I would have ever gotten back up again and at times it truly felt like it really wasnt worth it. But, somewhere inside of me I heard their love, their voices, the nurturing guidance they offered and I allowed that part of me to listen, to not worry and just go with whatever the universe threw my way and you know what happened?... all that was bad, negative and toxic left and all that was good, nurturing, and positive seemed to be attracted to me like a magnet and its been like that since the beginning of this year. In fact they seem to attract more and more now.
Nurturingwise I have been guided along a path of healing having been returned to my path but more so on a spiritual path with aspects of the esoteric rather than the other way round. I believe I know what I am being guided toward I've had it confirmed but I need to find my voice again and embrace the fear of doing either good or bad. I think i've recently had something come my way to help, we do after all only see what we are meant to.

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